Not all who wander are lost (Except for me. I am usually lost.)


Where to begin? This blog was born in 2011 as a way to keep in touch with friends and family back home while I spent the summer in a haunted flat in Argentina, getting lost in parks and drinking lots of Malbec. In the years that followed, I attempted to write about my journeys in a more Bryson-esque way, meaning more narrative and less objective travel guide.

Most of these posts are about ridiculous travel adventures – getting stranded on an island, sleeping in a California hotel room where a man died during the gold rush, calling my Argentinian cleaner a gnome – but there are occasionally some random bits in there about job fairs and life as an overseas teacher. And food. Food is the best thing about travel.

It took me a month, many glasses of wine, and lots of haranguing of friends and wordsmiths to come up with the title for this blog. (A close second was Nicoledemort, because I love Harry Potter, and because teaching abroad means moving a lot and I feel like I’ve left pieces of my soul in various countries around the globe. Just not in cool places like bleeding diaries or babies.)

Lost Among Latitudes embodies my poor sense of direction. And I do not exaggerate: my phone is full of weird notes that say stuff like “65 steps, turn left at Mister Miller hot dog, Gaudystrausse: black door” and photographs of street corners to help me navigate my way back. I really ought to travel with bread crumbs.

In addition to always being lost, I’ve just moved to the Philippines, located on a latitude with an attitude. (For real. I’m pretty cozy up in the Pacific Ring of Fire right now.)

I’ve done some categorizing with the menu bar, so have a wander and leave some love!



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  1. Your stories are great little glimpses in beauty around the world and awesome adventures. Love the visions that you experience and share with all of us. Also we are all in awe and proud of all the things you have seen and accomplished. Keep them coming. Love and regards

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