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The past week has been very fun-filled, and I’ve been fortunate to meet lots of new people. The downside to this is that having friends is an expensive venture; whereas I used to spend my days aimlessly wandering the streets of BA, now I have planned dinner dates and I have to be extra careful when it comes to spending money. Regardless, I think it’s a fair trade.

I’ve been furiously photographing every inch of BA, so I figured a good way to show what it’s like would be through pictures. Buenos Aires has a lot of European influence, and reminds me a bit of Paris and Zagreb. Moni, who is from Austria, agrees.

The city itself is always bustling, very much alive like New York. Avenidas 9 de Julio is a major, 16-lane street in the Center, which makes for fun crossing. If Bolivia gets the World’s Most Dangerous Road, then Argentina gets the world’s widest. Hey, everyone can be proud of something.

a fun street to cross! the risk of getting hit is higher than a normal street.

On a sunny day, the Center is a good place to wander. It’s a little bit of a walk from where I live, but walking is good.


What’s even better than seeing the city during the day is catching it at night. And even better than that – having a fantastic camera that lets you capture it.

night is also fun because you can stand in the road without getting hit

Casa Rosada, which I'm told is like our White House

On the other side of town, in Palermo (where I wandered lost for three hours), are some incredible parks.

Some of the parks are decorated with sculptures that reflect – one might guess – the Argentine culture. For example, the importance of parties, and the consequences of drinking too much:

to fit in, you should wear a hat, bring a child, possibly flash someone, and shun the act of standing up - all while dressing like a druid priest

Palermo also boasts a lovely park called Parque 3 de Febrero that, in summer months, is a-bloom with lovely roses. In the winter, you only find gnarled looking stalks and no flowers. Off with their heads!

someone needs to tell that building back there that it's not a tree

One more, with major kudos to my camera:



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