Hot Town

Greetings from the parched city of Cairo, where bottled water is running low and electricity bills are high. As the dusty streets of Maadi start to cook again, I find myself lamenting my brief affair with spring in Beijing, from its budding arboreal parks to its tolerance for bare legs. My poor shoulders and thighs could use a breezy respite from the oven-like heat of Egypt, but instead they’re sticky and confined to cotton sleeves and denim. Yuck.

This entry is more of an apology, as it’s been nearly a month since we’ve returned from China and I’ve yet to post my entries on Beijing and her more scandalous cousin, Shanghai. Both entries are on their way, and hopefully will not disappoint.

My weekends have been crammed with end of trimester grading, rugby championship tournaments, raucous rounds of True American, and, more glamorously, formal events such as this past weekend’s desert dinner.

I leave you with the promise of captivating adventures from the Far East and this picture of the pyramids on a graciously cool and elegant evening:

Or not. (WordPress in Egypt is useless.)


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