Tokyo is a city in which you can feel overstimulated. There are pachinko arcades where, once the doors open, you’re inundated with bright lights and sound and thumping music and people. Every crosswalk is enormous and teeming with people.

So when the others headed to the Robot Restaurant on our last day in Japan, I opted to head to the Park Hyatt, a swanky hotel where most of Lost in Translation was filmed.

We started the day with breakfast at our favorite place, The Breakfast Club, and then jumped on a train to Shinjuku, a new part of town we hadn’t explored yet. Once there, they headed to do some shopping while I navigated toward the Hyatt via LuLu Lemon.

I arrived at the tea room by 2:30, which was perfect: the robot show started at 4, and I would meet up with everyone by 6:15. The tea room offered warm, panoramic views of Tokyo. The hostess explained the architecture to me and explained that some of the more prominent buildings in this area were built by the same architect.

Then, I treated myself to high tea, minus the tea: scones, sandwiches, lattes. I read my trashy-awesome novel for hours and enjoyed the sunlight and the view.


Cherry blossom carpet




View from the tea room

At 5, I paid my bill and went up to the 52nd floor to the New York bar, where jazz music kicks off at 7:30 and the views of the city are spectacular at any time. I got there early enough to have the bar to myself for a little while, and sipped a New York, some bourbon-pomegranate cocktail that was cold and perfect and not too sweet. From the 52nd floor, I watched the slow sunset over Tokyo. Even as the crowds filled the bar, I felt calm. A posh hotel will do that to you.

On my second drink, the moon had risen and it was full, and I felt comfortably snug between the moon and the city, and I can think of no better way to conclude such an awesome holiday. I joined the others for dinner in town and headed back to pack for our separate flights in the morning.

I know we were there a full week, but it feels like a whirlwind. A fun, dizzying, exciting whirlwind.


Sunset from the 52nd floor


What a view.




Shinjuku at night.


Matcha latte in the morning!


Even Starbucks has a great view.

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