every day i see my dream

First things first. The kids have grown on me. They raise their hands, they’re quiet, they make me laugh. And the older kids have rocked it at MUN this week. Despite coming home late every day, it’s wonderful seeing them succeed and research their causes and issues.

My sixth graders put on their play about bad behavior this week and it was great. I complimented them a thousand times and felt super proud of them. I tried to video tape the play with my Flip but the battery was pretty shot. Still, it was excellent to watch it and see how great they did.

Today at rugby we had to forfeit our win. We only had 4 players and were recruiting from other teams/volunteering on other teams also because no one had anyone there. So when we won, the points didn’t count. That is incredibly frustrating, but a dip in the pool cured the disappointment pretty quickly.

The weekends here are incredible. I am very, very happy, and having a blast. I’ve collected some pictures to demonstrate this:

my favorite chicks in cairo, holly and ashley ❤

Some of you wanted to see a picture of rugby. It’s bad quality, but here I am slapping a grown man in a game of touch this morning:

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